Natural Resource Rights Litigation

Peterson Law Group handles natural resource litigation for property and business owners, ranging from major corporations to smaller business and individual owners. As the population in southern California continues to grow at an extraordinary pace, the state's rich natural resources often become the subject of complex litigation. Our firm has a strong track record for success in handling these disputes.

We have successfully represented clients and have knowledge and experience in complex disputes involving the following matters:

    • Oil and Gas Leases
    • Subsurface and Mineral Rights
    • Impact Analysis
    • Contaminated Soil and Water
    • Surface Water Run-off and Diversion
    • Air and Water Quality
    • Water and Irrigation Rights
    • Land Use and Zoning
    • Transfer and Enforcement of Resource Rights
    • California Water Law
    • Coastal Development
    • Compliance Counseling

Peterson Law Group PC has in-depth experience and ample resources to analyze and resolve the business, policy and transactional issues that often arise during natural resource rights litigation. We strive to implement cost-effective strategies for achieving the best possible outcome for our clients.

Problem Solving and Aggressive Advocacy in Los Angeles

With our years of negotiation and trial experience, we can address, explore, and solve current and future problems that may arise in the complex field of natural resource litigation. In many cases, litigation may be avoided and we will evaluate every option available to resolve your case.

For further information about how our industry experience can work for you, please call us at (213) 236-9720. Let us work on your behalf to ensure that your rights are protected.