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Investigation Finds Caltrans Invoked Eminent Domain On Thousands Of Properties For Failed Projects

An investigation in 2006 by The Orange County Register found that the California Department of Transportation repeatedly took land it didn't need by invoking eminent domain. According to the investigation, "Highway Robbery," time and time again Caltrans displaced private property owners for highway projects that ultimately went nowhere; from a failed freeway loop close to the San Francisco Bay in Hayward to the widening of the Pacific Coast Highway through Orange County, which was eventually abandoned. Using eminent domain, along the way Caltrans purchased thousands of businesses and homes it did not need, and held on to these properties for decades. Consequently, it became a landlord to workers and residents in over 1,300 businesses and homes, which is a job the government agency is not meant to handle.

Property In Monrovia Embroiled In Eminent Domain Dispute

The Pasadena Star-News reports that eminent domain may be used by the Gold Line Construction Authority to buy property in Monrovia for a rail yard to prevent the project from being severely delayed.

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