About Our California Attorneys And Law Practice

The Most Important People At Our Law Firm

At Peterson Law Group, with offices in Los Angeles and Irvine, we are keenly aware that our clients and their concerns are at the heart of our law practice. Our attorneys and staff work hard to understand and achieve your goals, inform you of your options, collaborate with you to devise creative, winning strategies and pursue your interests with skill and determination.

Our Ways Of Practicing Law

We emphasize open and frequent communication with our clients so they always know what progress is being made and where they stand. We endeavor to respond to inquiries in a timely fashion and remain aware of our clients' interests throughout every stage of their case. In summary, our firm prioritizes the needs of the client. We believe that success lies in integrity.

An Introduction To The Team

Our lawyers, our accomplishments and our clients' vital concerns in areas such as eminent domain, inverse condemnation and land use have been featured in prominent media outlets such as National Public Radio (NPR) and Forbes magazine. Trial attorney John S. Peterson focuses on complex real estate and business matters, often taking cases to jury and non-jury trials. Lawyer Joseph A. Schwar primarily works on cases involving eminent domain, inverse condemnation and civil litigation. Christopher D. Peterson also eminent domain, inverse condemnation and civil litigation. Stacy W. Thomsen focuses on eminent domain, CEQA and land use cases.

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How To Reach Us To Discuss Your Property Dispute Or Other Legal Issue

With law offices in Irvine and Los Angeles, we are well-situated to serve clients from throughout California. To schedule a consultation, call us in Irvine at 949-955-0127 or in Los Angeles at 213-236-9720.