California State Senator Moves To Stop State Fire Protection Fee

California State Senator Ted Gaines (R-Roseville) recently filed referendum papers to reverse a new mandate that requires rural homeowners pay a state fire fee, according to The Sacramento Bee. The senator is collaborating with the California Republican Party on this effort.

Last month, Assembly Bill X1 29 passed in the Legislature by a majority vote. Under the law, rural homeowners are required to pay up to $150 every year for state fire prevention services, which would raise approximately $50 million for the current fiscal year. The legislation was signed by Governor Jerry Brown in early July, but he stated that the law needs to be revised by lawmakers to allow funds to be utilized for firefighting. The law would apply to about 850,000 residential structures that are outside federally protected areas or city boundaries for which the state is in charge of for fire suppression. Most of these structures are in areas of that state that Republican lawmakers represent.

Senator Gaines and the GOP face significant challenges in order for the referendum to qualify for the June 2012 ballot. California Attorney General Kamala Harris has until the beginning of August to issue a ballot title and summary. Once this is done, proponents would need to collect over 500,000 signatures by early October. Democrats have also said they may request the courts to rule regarding whether or not budget bills, such as AB X1 29, are subject to referendum.

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