John S. Peterson Honored To Be Part Of Attorney Study Published In How Leading Lawyers Think

Irvine eminent domain attorney John S. Peterson is the founder of the Peterson Law Group, P.C., a prominent Southern California law firm that handles a wide range of issues related to property rights of individuals and businesses, and is included in a study published in the book How Leading Lawyers Think, which is being sold and read worldwide.

The study highlighted in the book included interviews of 78 leading attorneys, selected for their ability to overcome the odds and make accurate case assessments and achieve good settlements, or make good decisions with regard to trying the cases instead of settling. Mr. Peterson is the only eminent domain attorney included in the study. Throughout the study, the author, Randall Kiser, examines each attorney's habits of mind as well as their approach to their cases, clients, opposition, and colleagues in an effort to determine best practices that can assist others to calibrate their own case assessments and to better understand the importance of certain disciplines and criteria in predicting case outcomes.

Kiser specifically thanks Mr. Peterson for the "time and effort [he] contributed to making this book of value to attorneys, judges, mediators, parties, insurers and students."

Mr. Peterson is committed to his practice and is proud to have contributed to such an important work. If your property has been unlawfully seized, or seized or damaged as the result of a public project, John S. Peterson can help you understand your legal rights and options. Call our offices today for a consultation at (213) 236-9720.

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