July 2012 Archives

Seal Beach Residents Strongly Oppose Proposed I-405 Freeway Expansion

Interstate 405 is one of Southern California's most travelled freeways, and, as a result, it sees very heavy traffic. Relieving this congestion may not be so easy, however, as the Orange County Transportation Authority has met strong opposition from Seal Beach residents for two of the proposed freeway expansion plans, according to The Orange County Register.

Rancho Cucamonga Uses Power Of Eminent Domain To Seize Private Road

According to, the city of Rancho Cucamonga in San Bernardino County has initiated eminent domain proceedings to claim the rights to a private dirt road, which has been owned by the same family since the 1940s, in order to improve the easement for a housing subdivision on the street's east side.

San Bernardino County Creates Plan To Deal With Housing Crisis Using Eminent Domain

There is no question that the housing market crash created many problems, for banks, investors and homeowners alike, and it is not bouncing back with the force idealists, realtors, and economists would have hoped. Cities in San Bernardino County, California have decided to be more proactive in their efforts to help homeowners stay in their homes and get through the housing rough patch and have come up with a plan to use eminent domain, not for the actual homes, but for the mortgages.