How To Proceed After Your Property Suffers Subsidence Damage

When a landslide occurs and results in subsidence damage to your property, there is usually one thing on your mind: panic. Not only can a landslide result in tens of thousands or even millions of dollars worth of damage, but the question of liability can leave a property owner confused, overwhelmed, and even anxious.

The most important thing to remember after a landslide, or any other earth-movement-caused property damage, is that you have to move quickly to protect your property from further damage as well as ensure that you are protected and/or represented when liability issues arise. The bottom line is that, as a property owner, you don't know what steps to take after a landslide aside from the obvious ones, like making sure all people that may have been on the property are safe; but that is why you need someone on your side who knows exactly what to do and can help you understand your rights and any potential legal consequences in your situation.

If the landslide or even debris flow that caused subsidence property damage was caused by a public project on an adjacent property, the government agency in charge of that project is legally bound to offer sufficient compensation for the damage caused. If they do not offer such compensation, then the property owner may have an inverse condemnation case. An experienced property damage attorney can advise you on the best course of action.

At the Peterson Law Group, P.C., knowledgeable Los Angeles landslide subsidence attorney John S. Peterson knows the ins and outs of California's property laws and can help you take the necessary steps to protect your property rights. To learn more, call our offices today for a consultation at (213) 236-9720.

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