Metro Gold Line Foothill Expansion Making Progress

The Metro Gold Line Foothill Extension began its first phase in 2003 and has since connected many communities from Los Angeles to Pasadena. Now, with the close-to-completion of the Gold Line Bridge on the I-210, phase two, which aims to connect Pasadena to Azusa, is well underway.

Phase two of the Gold Line Foothill Expansion began on June 26, 2010 and is expected to be completed in 2015. The 11.5-mile segment involves Gold Line stations, parking, and the aforementioned I-210 Bridge. The Metro Gold Line Foothill Expansion Construction Authority takes community safety very seriously when implementing the phases of this public project, but that does not mean it does not pose any risks.

The government's right of eminent domain gives the government the lawful ability to seize real or private property, with compensation to the owner, for public use. But this does not mean that property owners receive an offer of just compensation. Properties that are not seized under eminent domain are not necessarily safe, however. Public projects can cause significant damage and even condemnation and eventual seizure by the government. In such a situation, if the property owner is not offered rightful compensation, the owner may obtain it through an inverse condemnation suit.

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