How Can An Attorney Help Mitigate The Cost Of Flood Damage To Your Property?

Flooding is a real danger for many southern California property owners, particularly during the late summer months when flash-flood warnings become more prevalent. In the event that flooding has damaged your home or business, an experienced attorney can be a surprisingly valuable asset. With an attorney on your side, it will be possible to not only protect your interests against fraudulent insurance adjusters, but also prevent further damages from occurring to your property.

First, a property damage lawyer will be able to investigate the source of the flood and determine whether legal action needs to be taken against any responsible parties. In cases where flooding was caused by a nearby public project, a lawyer can help property owners seek fair and just compensation from the government agency for causing inverse condemnation and lowering the value of the owner's property.

Unfortunately, insurance companies will often attempt to delay examinations or provide inadequate financial assistance for the extent of current and future damages that a property has incurred from flooding. It is better to have an experienced property damage lawyer to communicate with the insurance company on your behalf and ensure that they uphold their end of the property insurance contract.

In many cases, the initial damages caused by flooding can become exponentially worse if not addressed early on, and ultimately, cost the property owner thousands of dollars if they do not act quickly. That's why it is important to hire a skilled lawyer who can coordinate qualified appraisals, repairs, and other expert assistance to identify and address various flood damages to your property before they get worse.

The California flood-related property damage lawyers at Peterson Law Group will help you tackle the many issues that flooding can bring to home or business owners. Call us at (213) 236-9720 to learn more about your legal options and entitlements.

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