When Is A Contractor Liable For Construction Defects?

Property owners in California understand that hiring a contractor to make improvements or repairs to a home or business can be a complex process. From choosing a licensed and qualified contractor to getting a fair price for the project at hand, it can be a gamble for even the most experienced property owner to begin construction.

Since it is not uncommon for residential or commercial property owners to discover that a contractor caused more harm than improvement, it is important to understand when to take legal action for property damage.

General contractors may be held liable for construction defects resulting from the following forms of negligence:

  • Using poor or improper materials,
  • Failure to exercise due care during construction,
  • Poor workmanship, or
  • Deviating from contract specifications and plans.

If a contractor causes damage to a property due to negligent actions, the poor quality of work can lead to serious and costly defects, such as:

  • Damage to structural integrity,
  • Water intrusion and leakage,
  • Inadequate thermal and moisture protection,
  • Electrical or mechanical problems, or
  • Expansive soil conditions.

Home or business owners are protected by a variety of laws and it is in a property owner's best interest to consult with a knowledgeable attorney to review and rewrite a contract before signing.

The Los Angeles construction defect lawyers at Peterson Law Group have the experience and resources to help property owners understand the legal rights and options available to them. We will fight to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve from the party responsible for causing construction-related damage to your home or business. Call us at (213) 236-9720 to discuss your circumstances.

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