More Condemnations Imminent In Fresno To Make Way For High-speed Rail

On September 12, the California Public Works Board, which is comprised of the heads of the state's Finance, Transportation and General Services department, unanimously agreed to issue resolutions declaring the need to condemn five Fresno properties as part of the state's highly debated high-speed rail project.

Three of the five properties are located in downtown Fresno, including the historic Jensen & Pilegard feed and equipment store, the former Sun Maid Furniture Co. building, and a small vacant lot. The other two are located in the Highway City area of northwest Fresno.

So far, a total of 28 properties in Fresno and Madera have been affected by condemnation resolutions passed by the Public Works Board.

Opposition against the high-speed rail authority has been brought by various groups and individuals all throughout California, including the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, the First Free Will Baptist Church in Bakersfield, Kings County farmer John Tos, homeowner Aaron Fukuda and the Kings County Board of Supervisors.

In spite of the controversy, the high-speed rail project is continuing as planned. Contractors for the rail agency have already started demolition on a segment that spans from Madera to the south end of Fresno. Construction is set to begin sometime this year.

Under eminent domain, a government agency can sue to acquire a property if it serves the public need. Property owners have the right to resist an agreement and/or present their own counteroffer. However, it is ultimately a judge that determines whether to grant the property to the agency, and how much compensation the original owner receives.

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