Public Comment Period for SR-710 North Study Gets Extension

Caltrans and Metro are working together on the State Route 710 North Study to find the solution for the traffic congestion problem between the western San Gabriel Valley and the east/northeast area of Los Angeles. Population growth poses not only a traffic issue but also pollution and accident issues as well. 

Recently, the public comment period for the Draft Environmental Impact Report/Environmental Impact Statement (EIR/EIS) on SR-710 North, which began on March 6 earlier this year, has been extended. According to the action taken on June 21, community input for the project will be accepted until August 5. Additionally, a cost/benefits analysis of the alternatives for the SR-710 North has been released.

Since an EIR must comply with the California Environmental Quality Act and an EIS must fulfill requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act, the study and comment period are being conducted to determine whether the project will have any significant environmental impacts, and what can be done to minimize or mitigate the damage. The information gleaned from the public reviews will weigh significantly on the preparation of the final document.

The five alternatives proposed in the Draft EIR/EIS are:

• Nothing is built
• A new system to upgrade and coordinate signals at local street intersections
• A rapid bus line featuring high frequency service with minimal stops
• Light rail between East Los Angeles and Pasadena
• A freeway tunnel extension

While no decision has been made as of yet. Depending on what alternative is decided upon, this may affect various property and business owners located in or next to the footprint of the proposed project. Contact the experienced eminent domain, land use and real estate attorneys at Peterson Law Group to protect your property rights.


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