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Beachfront access may have to come by means of eminent domain

The beach is a popular destination for both California residents and visitors. It doesn't really matter what season it is; even just a walk along the water's edge can be a relaxing experience. Many people have their favorite spots that they have visited for years. However, as property changes hands, it is possible that what was once one's favorite spot is no longer open for public use. Such a situation is a current topic with the State Lands Commission that is currently looking into ways such as eminent domain to open up such access for the public.

Residents express eminent domain concerns over Google expansion

Over the past decade, Google has become a household name. It is one of the primary search engines that California residents use when looking for something on the Internet. Additionally, it is a massive company that employs thousands of people, and owns extensive real estate holdings and its share of taxes. Now, it appears that Google may be looking to expand into the San Jose area. While this is good news for some, it may mean loss of business and eminent domain proceedings for others.