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Proposed sports arena triggers eminent domain concerns

Sports and the businesses associated with them are big businesses throughout the country. The average California resident is familiar with the various teams throughout the state. Often, families spend time attending games and enjoying the environment. In order for all of this to happen, there must be a venue for such activity. Currently, there is talk of a new venue being created in the Inglewood area through the use of eminent domain.

Eminent domain and the process if the owner objects

At times, it is necessary for a governmental body within the state of California to take private property for public use. This process is called eminent domain. When this happens, there are a number of steps prior to the actual taking of the property. Additionally, if the property owner objects to the process, this must be addressed as well.

LAX to use eminent domain as 'fallback' in neighborhood takeover

The recent decision by the city council to allow Los Angeles World Airports to use eminent domain to help acquire the entirety of the Manchester Square neighborhood will affect residents there in different ways. But ultimately, it will mean the same thing for all of them: they will have to find a new place to live.

Eminent domain -- public use rather than personal gain

When it comes to property rights, there are a number of terms that can be confusing to the general public. One such term, eminent domain, has received considerable attention throughout California in the past few years. Eminent domain has been referenced in regards to water rights, beach access and even roadways throughout California.

Water at center of eminent domain concern

Water is an important resource for California communities. It is essential to the quality of life for residents and an integral part of many planning decisions. Over the years, water has played an important role in the development and growth of different communities. Now, this role is being considered as part of an eminent domain proceeding involving two California communities.