High Speed Rail in California update

The High Speed Rail Authority conitnues to move forward with its plans to construct and implement California's first bullet train, with service from Los Angeles to the Bay Area, and ultimately to Orange County and San Diego County.  Acquisitions have been underway for years in the Central Valley.  Peterson Law Group currently represents the owner of a 79 acre almond farm, whose property is being severed in half for the high speed train.

Several segments are under construction, and aquisitions of private property by eminent domain continue to take place along the Central Valley.  The aquisitions have typically been carried out by the State's Public Works Board.  However, sometime the Board works through local and municipal governments, such as Cities, to engage in studies and aquisitions for projects that appear to be local in nature, but will ultimately comprise the final alignment for the High Speed Rail.  These include grade separations (diving the road underneath the current rail alignment, which often requires realignment of the entire street), and local traffic "hot spot" configurations.

However, Khosla gated the roadway, thus restricting access to the beach. A bill was introduced to the California legislature in an effort to keep the beach open to the public. Additionally, the courts have ruled that this action is in violation of the California Coastal Act by restricting public access to the beach.

As the bill is making its way through the legislature, Khosla has in fact opened the gate to allow access during certain periods of time. Reportedly, individuals are able to gain access to the beach when the gate is locked by parking in other areas and walking around the gate.  Exactly how this public access question will finally be settled will most likely be a matter for the California legal system. The possibility of eminent domain action has been previously discussed and remains a possibility.

Source:, "Tech billionaire Vinod Khosla has finally opened the gates to this California beach following a years-long court battle -- and locals are thrilled," Madeline Stone, Oct. 7, 2017

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