Peterson Law Group settles 5-acre Eminent Domain case

San Bernardino County seeks to implement the Bandicoot Basin Flood Control Facility near a portion of the California Acqueduct in San Bernadino County.  Peterson Law Group represented the owner of a 5-acre development property that the County's Flood Control District acquired as a necessary parcel to that project.  The property was vacant at the time the County filed the case in San Bernardino Superior Court, but its highest and best use was for residential subdivision development as allowed by the property's zoning.  Peterson Law Group was able to negotiate a settlement for nearly double the County's initial offer to the property owner.

There is a history of the government attempting to use eminent domain to build a border wall. Research indicated that there are still in excess of 90 cases still open from one such endeavor dating back approximately 10 years. History has indicated that such action can be an expensive and time-consuming process.

Whether a border wall will be built continues to be debated among government officials and around dinner tables throughout California. Additionally, will eminent domain come into play? Such action would have a definite impact upon property owners whose property is along the border between California and Mexico. In some cases, this may be a welcome financial impact; however, for others it could be an unwelcome proposition.

Source:, "Bill Seeks To Protect Landowners From Border Wall," Stephanie Sanchez, Oct. 5, 2017

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