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Construction Defects, Structure Failure, Hazardous Materials, And Related Matters

If you have discovered construction defects in your home or commercial property, you may have overwhelming concerns, such as:

  • Can the defects be repaired?
  • How much will it cost to salvage the property?
  • Is it safe to occupy the property?
  • How did this happen in the first place?

At Peterson Law Group, our attorneys have the experience and resources necessary to help commercial and residential property owners find the solutions to construction related problems that affect every day actions, including dangerous structures, conditions or materials that can pose a health risk or worse.

Signs And Symptoms Of Construction Defects

A construction defect is one in which a flaw in the design or workmanship of a residential or commercial property reduces the overall value of the property or otherwise causes damage. Additionally, land movement projects and poor planning can cause significant property damage, which may qualify as defective construction.

Contractors and laborers are required to follow specific building codes, installation recommendations, and state regulations when building or repairing a property. When a contractor completes a project in substandard fashion, it can be liable for the financial and physical damages to the property.

Common Types Of Defects That A May Qualify As A Construction Defect Include:

Design Defects: A faulty structural design can lead to a wide range of aesthetic and structural issues, from inferior finishes to unstable foundations.

Faulty Workmanship: Failure to follow the construction documents or actions that fall below the standard of care for a project can result in inadequate weatherproofing, poorly installed electrical, mechanical or plumbing systems, and insufficient insulation.

Hazardous Materials: Using weak, cheap, contaminated or otherwise improper building materials may compromise the structural integrity of the property or put the occupants at risk of exposure to toxic substances.

Structural Failure: Poor quality of work, deviating from contract specifications, and failing to exercise due care can undermine the structure of a building, creating a serious risk of collapse as well as danger the occupants.

Landslide and Earth Settlement Issues: Inadequate compaction, poor grading, or other negligent actions causing earth movement may contribute to a landslide, pooling water, or collapse. This may also include planning a development in an area known to receive flooding or other conditions that may not be safe or strong enough to support structures.

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