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Developer Agreements, Disputes, Credits And Reimbursement

Knowledgeable Counsel Regarding Developer Agreements, Disputes, Credits And Reimbursement

Peterson Law Group in Southern California is a well-respected name in the world of real estate litigation. We advise clients proactively as well as bring lawsuits on matters including:

Developer agreements: These contractual agreements may be between a municipality (city, town, or village) or a county and the owner or developer of real property to be developed. Our attorneys bring and defend lawsuits on behalf of our developer clients, including government entities, concerning these agreements.

Developer disputes: Early resolution of a developer dispute is usually beneficial to both sides, but when the stakes are large and one’s opponent will not compromise, sometimes litigation is the best or only option. Fee credit reimbursements and breach of contract claims are examples of developer disputes our clients sometimes face — both plaintiffs and defendants.

Developer credits: Our firm helps protect fee credit entitlements and negotiates on behalf of clients in pursuit of the credits.

Developer reimbursement: Peterson Law Group advises and represents clients who qualify for reimbursements, such as from municipalities and other government entities pursuant to facilities contracts We help developers enforce the necessary processes for calculating and collecting this type of reimbursement.

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