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Facing Eminent Domain Actions? 3 Ways An Attorney Can Help

  • On behalf of: Peterson Law Group
  • Published: April 18, 2018

The prospect of losing your home or property to the government through eminent domain actions can be quite upsetting and stressful.

As frustrating as this position can be as a property owner, it can be even more so for people trying to address eminent domain actions on their own. Rather than do this, it can be wise to consult an attorney sooner, rather than later. Doing so can prove to be quite valuable in a few ways we examine below.

  1. Challenging the action – Just because the government attempts to take private property does not mean it is inevitable. Property owners have the right to challenge such actions, especially if they are unfair or unnecessary. An attorney familiar with state eminent domain laws can take action to contest the proposed taking.
  2. Leveling the legal playing field – Property owners are often at a disadvantage when they are up against the government. They may not know their rights or what they need to do to respond to proposed taking. Individuals can also feel intimidated or manipulated, which can lead to agreements that are not in the best interests of the property owner.
  3. Negotiating remedies – Determining what is fair in terms of monetary relief can be very difficult for property owners to do alone. There is typically quite a bit of negotiation involved in these claims and individuals who are unfamiliar with these situations can find it much more difficult to negotiate effectively.

The attorneys at our firm know what California property owners are dealing with when they are faced with the possibility of losing their home or business to the government. You do not have to deal with these difficult situations alone; you can work with experienced attorneys who can help you fight for the fair outcome you deserve.

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