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A property owner’s home or business can suffer damage by any kind of earth movement, including landslides and subsidence. When property is damaged by landslides, mudslides, debris flow, subsidence, or other kinds of earth movement, a property owner can turn to the AV Rated law firm of Peterson Law Group.

In some cases, earth movement may be caused by the intervention of a neighbor, a utility company, or a nearby public works project. It also may be cause by inadequate design, engineering or construction during development. In each of these cases, a lack of planning or poor understanding of the structure and contents of the land in the area can result in landslides, subsidence, or other kinds of earth movement damage. If the damage results from a nearby public works project, the property owner may have a case against the public agency responsible for the project under the law of inverse condemnation, which holds public agencies responsible when their projects result in a loss of value to a private owner’s land.

Professional Ability and Comprehensive Experience

John S. Peterson of the Peterson Law Group has been included in the Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers and is an American Board of Trial Advocates (ABOTA) member. As a skilled attorney with experience in earth movement law, Mr. Peterson and his legal team can help property owners develop a course of action to prevent further earth movement damage and fix existing damage.

Our attorneys will arrange for highly qualified experts and consultants to examine the damage and determine its cause, and will analyze the entire situation and develop a case either to establish or defend the property owner’s position on issues of both liability and damages. Since earth movement cases are often complex, expert analysis is instrumental in both addressing the earth movement problem and in developing a plan for litigation.

When choosing a California property damage litigation lawyer for an earth movement case, it is important to consider both the lawyer’s settlement experience and trial results. A property owner may ask an attorney several questions about his or her settlement and trial experience, particularly in similar earth movement cases.

Successful Case Results

Peterson Law Group attorneys have extensive experience in earth movement cases, supported by results in both settlements and in the courtroom. Our earth movement lawyers have represented and tried to verdict cases including these examples:

  • Palos Verdes Estates: Represented the owner of a blufftop ocean view estate that suffered substantial damage when a road cut at the toe of the slope resulted in loss of support. After trial, the court awarded more than $3,000,000 in damages. Certain defendants settled out of court for additional amounts.
  • Yorba Linda: Represented owners of single family home that lost a large portion of its yard due to a landslide caused by fill soil instability. Resolution included buyout of property.
  • Baldwin Hills: Represented downslope owner of property that was inundated by a landslide after modern alterations were made in the historically unstable hillside. Resolution including a payment to the property owner to make repairs that would benefit both upslope and downslope properties.

Facing an earth movement action against one’s own home can be an emotionally draining experience. Peterson Law group carefully selects each case in order to provide the best legal guidance possible. While we believe any California homeowner facing an earth movement action deserves to be represented by experienced counsel, we consider our selective approach to cases allows us to give our clients the best possible representation while we strive for the results our clients deserve.

Peterson Law Group has represented corporations, small businesses, and individuals in earth movement cases before multiple California government agencies and in jury trials. Our California property damage attorneys await your call to discuss your situation and help you assess the merits of your case. Contact us today at (213) 236-9720.

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