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Landslides & Subsidence Law Firm In Los Angeles, CA

Dealing with property damage? Peterson Law Group is here to help you obtain complete compensation for your losses.

Your property is your livelihood, and when it gets damaged by outside forces, it can be financially debilitating. These situations can leave you feeling as though you have no options, making it difficult to rebuild the harm done.

Not only can property damage affect your home or business, but it can also impact your personal life. Without the stability of a functional home or business, your relationships and financial welfare can suffer. Fortunately, with the help and oversight of an experienced lawyer, you will have the tools required to accurately evaluate the likelihood of receiving financial relief for your losses – whether that be from a liable party or your insurance company.

With over 35 years of legal experience, Peterson Law Group has helped countless Los Angeles residents overcome their landslide liability issues. Throughout the years, we have developed a distinct approach to our legal practice that is client-centered no matter what. This allows us to come up with tailored solutions to our clients’ legal problems with confidence and ease.

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What Can Cause A Landslide Or Land Subsidence?

Landslides & Subsidence Law Many factors can cause a landslide or land subsidence. Whether the event was caused naturally or by human intervention, determining liability is the first step in claiming proper financial compensation for your losses. Landslides and other earth movements can be a result of natural occurrences such as heavy rains, immense drought, volcanic eruptions, or earthquakes. Natural events can rarely be predicted, which is why it is important to get insurance that covers properties that are prone to this type of damage. That way, if your property does get damaged, you have financial resources to fall back on. Many human-caused land movements can happen when roads and structures are built without adequate grading of slopes, if there are poorly planned alterations of drainage patterns, and by disturbing old landslides. In these cases, holding negligent parties responsible for damages that could have been avoided or mitigated is the best way to obtain full compensation for your losses.

The Damage That Landslides And Subsidence Can Cause

Landslides and subsidence have the ability to cause much more long-term damage to a property than is initially apparent. Not only can soil disruptions wreak havoc on the structural integrity of buildings, but they can also cause persisting mold, fires, and foundational damage that can take a long time to repair. In addition to the damage done to your property, it is also possible that you may have to seek alternative accommodations while your home is uninhabitable. In these cases, lodging costs can build up immensely and become challenging to pay off. Taking all of these factors into account while constructing your claim is best done alongside a knowledgeable property damage lawyer that is able to accurately represent the full extent of your losses.
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How A Landslides & Subsidence Lawyer Can Help You?

Property Damage Law When you sustain damage to your property, it is vital that you work with a legal professional that is able to help you evaluate the viability of a landslide or subsidence claim. This is the first step in gaining the financial relief you deserve. Insurance companies will everything they can to devalue your claim and withhold the compensation you are entitled to. An assertive and experienced landslide or subsidence claims lawyer will work tirelessly to fight for the recovery you need. Having an attorney with experience in the particular area of law will ensure that every detail of your losses is documented so that you can receive the maximum financial relief available. This fierce advocacy will play a major role in the success of your claim.

Peterson Law Group: We Fight For Los Angeles Residents

Are you searching for a landslide or subsidence claims lawyer in Los Angeles that will fight for you? Look no further than Peterson Law Group. With years of experience in our field, we will work with you personally to develop a legal strategy that works best for your situation. To get started with an initial consultation, please do not hesitate to contact our office at your convenience.
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