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What Are The Parameters Of Government Tort Liability?

Many people believe that government bodies cannot be sued by individuals or companies because of sovereign immunity. In fact, this is not always the case. Various legal remedies may allow injured parties to get compensation from the government for just causes, such as when:

  • The government creates a nuisance such as by putting up a sewer treatment plant next to a development area, denying owners of the right to private enjoyment of their properties.
  • The government does not properly inspect and maintain trees on a boulevard, and as a result, a tree falls and injures someone or damages property.
  • A defective roadway makes for dangerous conditions, such as when standing water on a freeway is the result of improper drainage.

Talk to a lawyer if you were injured or if something under the government’s control damaged you or your property. Peterson Law Group in Irvine and Los Angeles can be a valuable resource for plaintiffs seeking redress, when government actions cause injury or property damage.

The First Question: Which Government Entity May Be Liable?

“The government,” may be, of course, a government body at any level: municipal, county, state or federal. Many agencies at all levels are branches of the government. To learn which government agency or entity was responsible for negligence or defects that resulted in injury to you or a family member, or damage to real estate or private property, consult with an experienced attorney. Discuss the facts of your case and discover what your options may be for seeking proper compensation for your losses.

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