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Property Damage Litigation

Property damage can occur in many different ways. Forces of nature – earthquakes, storms, landslides – often devastate homes and businesses. Fires, both man-made and natural, can completely destroy a property or cause long-lasting damage that significantly devalues it. Disasters are not the only source of property damage; many cases can be attributed to the negligence of another party. In either case, the property owner may face complications getting his or her rightful compensation. An experienced attorney who specializes in property law can help.

At Peterson Law Group, our southern California property damage litigation attorneys are not afraid to contest even the most powerful and resourceful parties in negotiations or trials. We are confident in our extensive knowledge and legal skills garnered from years of practice, and our case history is full of successful outcomes. If you decide to have us represent you, we will do our best to resolve your case in an efficient and positive manner. To learn more about your rights and legal options, please call us today at (213) 277-7872.

Unparalleled Litigation Experience

The Los Angeles attorneys at Peterson Law Group have the courtroom experience necessary to prepare a property owner’s property damage case for trial and to get results in jury and non-jury matters. Our clients include corporations, small businesses, and individual property owners. Call us at (213) 277-7872 for answers to any specific inquiries you may have about your case.

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