Earth Movement Cases

Palos Verdes Estates - Represented the owner of a bluff-top, ocean view estate that was substantially damaged due to loss of support caused by a road cut at the toe of the slope. After trial, the court awarded in excess of $3,000,000 as damages.

Agoura Hills - Represented adjacent single family homes downslope from a landslide that resulted in water and soil inundation and structural displacement of their homes. Damage caused by historic instability of hillside and water intrusion from utility conduits. Resolution included warranted hillside repair and structural repairs.

Yorba Linda - Represented hilltop single family home that suffered loss of substantial yard area due to landslide caused by fill soil instability. Resolution included buyout of property.

Simi Valley - Represented several single family homeowners that suffered differential settlement and resulting structural damage due to inadequate municipal drainage, consolidation and earth movement and resulting loss of support. Resolution included a buyout of one substantially damaged property and compensation to owners in other cases to address repair requirements.

Baldwin Hills - Represented downslope owner of property that was substantially inundated by a landslide due to historically unstable hillside and modern alterations. Resolution included payment to client to effectuate repairs benefiting both upslope and downslope properties.