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How Inverse Condemnation Claims Arise from Damaged Property

By Peterson Law Group on April 30, 2024

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As a property owner, you have the right to bring an inverse condemnation action when your property has been effectively taken or damaged due to government action or the government’s failure to act. This includes physical appropriation and regulatory actions that lead to a loss in your property’s value.

The ‘Public Use’ Requirement in Eminent Domain Cases

By Peterson Law Group on April 15, 2024

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Eminent domain allows the government to take private land to build roads, schools, or other infrastructure projects that serve the greater good of the public. In California, it is not acceptable for the government to take away your private property to benefit a private entity.

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Jurisdictional Challenges in California Civil Litigation

By Peterson Law Group on March 30, 2024

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Jurisdiction in civil litigation is a significant preliminary issue because it dictates a court’s authority to handle a case. Without proper jurisdiction, a court cannot issue a valid judgment, potentially leading to legal confusion and unfair outcomes. Jurisdiction ensures cases are heard in suitable venues based on location, subject matter, and other factors.

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Subsidence and Insurance Claims: Navigating Coverage

By Peterson Law Group on March 15, 2024

Damaged cement tiles exposing a crumbling brick foundation.

Subsidence damage involves the damaging impact that results from the gradual sinking or settling of the ground beneath a structure, leading to structural damage such as cracks in walls, floors, or foundations.

2028 Olympics Planning Causes Eminent Domain Disputes in LA

By Peterson Law Group on February 20, 2024

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Los Angeles is getting ready to host the 2028 Olympics, and as a result, there is an urgent need for transportation upgrades to handle the large influx of athletes and visitors. Expanded rail lines, metro extensions, and upgraded hubs are crucial to prevent congestion.

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El Niño: How It Can Damage Your Business’s Property

By Peterson Law Group on February 10, 2024

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El Niño is a climatic phenomenon characterized by the periodic warming of sea surface temperatures in the central and eastern Pacific Ocean, typically occurring every few years. This warming alters atmospheric circulation patterns, leading to significant weather disturbances worldwide. In layman’s terms, El Niño often brings unusually warm and wet conditions to some regions, while others may experience droughts or other extreme weather events. In times of crisis, having a knowledgeable legal advocate on your side can alleviate stress and uncertainty, allowing you to focus on rebuilding your business.

Defining “Fair Market Value” in Eminent Domain Cases

By Peterson Law Group on January 30, 2024

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Eminent domain, the power of the government to take private property for public use, is a concept deeply ingrained in legal systems. It often raises questions about the fair compensation owed to property owners. Understanding the intricacies of “fair market value” in eminent domain cases is essential for both property owners and the government involved in these cases.

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How To Know Whether You Have an Inverse Condemnation Case

By Peterson Law Group on January 15, 2024

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Inverse condemnation is a legal concept that can be difficult to grasp, making it hard to determine whether you have a strong case. Property owners can overcome challenges in inverse condemnation cases by documenting damages with photos and records, gathering eyewitness accounts, obtaining expert opinions, and collecting relevant government documents.

Natural Disasters & Insurance for California Property Owners

By Peterson Law Group on December 20, 2023

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Natural disasters impact your business in several ways. In addition to damaging your facilities, natural disasters also cause losses stemming from the business interruption that occurs while you are working to get back up on your feet again.

California State Property Injury Claims: Proving Negligence

By Peterson Law Group on December 10, 2023

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If you were seriously injured due to dangerous conditions on property owned by the state of California, such as roads, bridges, and parks, you have the right to seek compensation for the losses you have incurred. However, the State has created legal barriers to protect itself from liability in these situations. That’s why it’s important to find a Los Angeles dangerous property condition attorney who is well-versed in the relevant statutes and legal precedents that apply to these cases.

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