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A Government Agency Wants To Appraise My Property. What Do I Do?

If government agency wants to appraise your property, it is likely because it wants to make an offer to buy your property. In that scenario, legal assistance from a Southern California eminent domain attorney can help you prepare for what could be a potential acquisition by the government for a public project.

When the government wants to perform a physical inspection of your property, it is often to evaluate any environmental conditions that might exist in anticipation of a possible acquisition for a public project. It is time to contact a California eminent domain lawyer.

A Government Agency Wants To Conduct An Environmental Investigation On My Property. What Do I Do?

An environmental investigation suggests that the government is interested in acquiring your property for a public project and wants to understand whether or not there are environmental conditions impacting the property that could affect value. A California eminent domain attorney can assist you to prepare for what is ahead. A request for inspection could suggest that the government suspects your property either to be the source of contamination or impacted by contamination from an offsite source. In either event, there may be an investigation that could affect your property An eminent domain attorney would be able to help you understand your rights and obligations, and secure an environmental team on your behalf.

A Government Agency Has Made An Offer To Buy My Property. What Do I Do?

In the event that the government has offered to buy your property for a public project, it suggests that the government intends to acquire it either through negotiation with you or through a condemnation by eminent domain if the negotiation is not successful. A Southern California eminent domain lawyer can assist you. The government agency is certainly consulting with its own attorneys and appraisers . Eminent domain has its own specific laws and valuation standards that are not typical to a regular market transaction and an eminent domain lawyer can help you to understand your rights.

A Government Agency Has Given Me A Notice Of A Hearing On A Resolution Of Necessity. What Do I Do?

A notice of a hearing tells you that the government is moving forward formally to acquire your property through its power of eminent domain. A Resolution of Necessity is the process by which the formal condemnation procedure begins. This step will come after an offer is made that does not result in a negotiated transaction between you and the government. After notice, a hearing will be conducted by the government agency level where the board of the government agency will authorize itself to acquire your private property through eminent domain. An attorney can help you to understand and protect your rights and remedies.

A Government Agency Wants To Take My Property Through Eminent Domain. What Do I Do?

Once you know that the government is taking your property through eminent domain, a California eminent domain lawyer can protect your rights in court. The eminent domain case will be filed in court; you will be named as a defendant in the case and the government will be named as the plaintiff. You are entitled to your rights and you are entitled to just compensation through the eminent domain case. A lawyer can guide you through the court process, which can appear to be complex and intimidating.

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