Eminent Domain Law — Why Hire An Attorney?

"Eminent Domain" refers to the Government's power under the Federal and State Constitutions to initiate a forced-sale of private property to the Government for a public use or project. The Government must pay "just compensation" for the property interests that are acquired or damaged.

If you are a property or business owner in California and the government is using its power of eminent domain to acquire your property, it is in your best interests to waste no time and immediately contact an experienced eminent domain attorney. The accomplished legal team at the Peterson Law Group understands that losing your property by condemnation can be incredibly disruptive to your personal and professional life, but you do not have to give up your property or business without a fight.

Peterson Law Group represents property and business owners ranging from major corporations to smaller business and individual owners. We believe in providing each client with personalized attention to meet his or her individual needs during what is understandably an emotionally draining experience.

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Why Hire an Eminent Domain Lawyer?

When under the threat of condemnation through the power of eminent domain, it is advisable that you seek skilled legal representation from a trusted and qualified lawyer in order to protect your right and entitlement to fair financial compensation.

Eminent domain in California can be a complicated and intimidating process in which the government agency attempting to acquire your property is hoping to do so in the cheapest way possible. With an attorney on your side, you are entitled to the following:

  • Independent valuation of your Los Angeles property
  • Court-supervised eminent domain proceedings
  • Recovering compensation in condemnation
  • Compensation for business goodwill loss
  • Relocation benefits