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If a landslide or subsidence has damaged your property, you deserve compensation from either the responsible party or the insurance on which you rely. Since the property damage is often so severe, many people depend on the coverage they are owed to rebuild not only their homes and property but their lives as well. If a party is at fault for the damage caused, you may have just legal avenues to pursue recovery of damages. Still, if the damage was caused by a stroke of misfortune and natural occurrences, insurance companies will often fight tooth and nail to diminish or negate your claim altogether.

A Los Angeles Soil Earth Movement Claims Lawyer is your best option when going to bat against an insurance company or team of attorneys during the litigation of your claim. Without the expertise and knowledge of a Property Damage Lawyer, you risk being taken advantage of or losing your case altogether. The guidelines and detailed determination throughout the legal process are incredibly complex, and if you try to navigate it independently, you have already put yourself at a disadvantage.

Landslides and subsidence have the capabilities to cause much more damage than what may be initially apparent. If the damage is severe enough, it can even be the root cause of fires, persisting mold, and foundational damage that is not easily repaired quickly. Not only this, but regardless of the reason, if your property was damaged enough, you may need to seek shelter elsewhere until the damages have been completely repaired. Suppose you do not enlist the help of an expert Landslide Liability attorney. In that case, you may not be experienced enough to determine the full extent of damages for which you need compensation.

Insurance companies are in the business of keeping as much of your money in their pockets as possible and will attempt to devalue your case or neglect payment at every available opportunity. Since Peterson Law Group has a vast history of experience to draw from, we will help you determine every detail of the damage and help ensure you recover the maximum amount for every aspect of your life that was affected. Not only will we be by your side to support you through the entirety of the process, but we will also be your strongest advocates when it comes to fighting for the recovery you need.

For assistance recovering from Landslides & Subsidence, the Peterson Law Group is ready and waiting to assist you through this likely challenging ordeal. Don’t let the opposing party’s attorneys or the insurance company take advantage of you and prevent you from recovering what you truly deserve. By retaining the services and knowledge of an expert Property Damage Lawyer, you can rest assured knowing that you have the best chances of getting your life back on track. We will work with you every step of the way and apply our signature level of care and attention to detail we give every client who comes to us in their time of need. To take the first steps in recovery, call to schedule your initial consultation in Irvine, CA, today.

When mud, water, natural gas, oil, or mineral resources are affected, it can cause land subsidence or landslides. When these kinds of incidents occur, they can cause significant property damage, distress, and financial loss. The impact of landslides and subsidence can yield considerable consequences. Therefore, it is vital to enlist an attorney who specializes in landslide and subsidence law in California.

A landslide or land subsidence can be caused by natural factors or by human intervention. If a government entity or private party is responsible for causing a landslide, you may have just cause to seek legal action against the liable party. Again, it is essential to consult an attorney who is highly familiar with landslide and subsidence law in California.

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