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Flood and debris flow damage can strike a California property owner from any number of sources. Heavy rains may swell nearby creeks, ponds, or rivers, causing overflow that damages the property. A development project next door to the property may be mismanaged, causing flooding and debris flow. Floods and debris flow can also cause other kinds of damage, such as landslides or subsidence.

Floods and debris flows result in damage and a loss of value to a property, and a property owner may have legal rights to recover for these damages if the flooding or debris flow was caused by another party’s negligence or by a public project. No matter what caused a flood or debris flow or how extensive the damage, a property owner facing flood or debris flow related property damage should get in touch with the Los Angeles property damage attorneys at Peterson Law Group as soon as possible after the damage occurs. As an AV Rated law firm, we offer years of experience to those in need, utilizing our advanced skill and integrity to obtain successful case outcomes.

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After a flood or debris flow, property owners must find qualified professionals who can determine both the cause of the flood or debris flow and what repairs are required. Property owners may need to move quickly to address any hazards created by a flood or debris flow or add additional protection from further floods, debris flows, landslides, or other hazards. Insurance companies may be slow to respond to debris flow or flood-damage-related claims or may rush through examination of the damaged property without considering the details or the risk of further damage.

A California property owner must also mitigate damages after a flood or debris flow. Mitigating damages may mean taking steps to prevent additional flooding, debris flows, landslides, or subsidence, or taking steps to stop already-present damage from becoming worse. The acclaimed California property damage lawyers at Peterson Law Group can help property owners coordinate the need for appraisals, repairs or other mitigation measures and communications with insurance companies; all while keeping an eye on the legal issues that may arise from flooding to ensure the property owner will not be caught in a lawsuit unawares.

Flood and debris flow damage may be caused by mismanaged public projects adjacent to the property. Projects like highway ramps or overpasses, municipal water systems, or public housing may all cause adjacent properties to flood or suffer debris flow if they are not graded properly or if a water system installed on the property fails. Damage to a property by an adjacent public project is known as inverse condemnation. At Peterson Law Group, we can protect property owners from flooding and debris flow costs caused by mismanaged public projects. We will thoroughly investigate your case to determine whether inverse condemnation contributed to the flood and will help property owners seek restitution for the damage.

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Peterson Law Group has the legal skills and jury trial experience to help a California property owner from preparation through trial and appeal. We will assemble a team of qualified appraisers and experts to review flood damage and determine both its extent and its cause. Our attorneys will also prepare the property owner to establish or defend both liability and damages in a property damage case.

The Los Angeles attorneys at Peterson Law Group have the courtroom experience necessary to prepare a property owner’s flood or debris flow damage case for trial and to get real jury results, whether our client is a large corporation, small business, or even an individual. We assemble the high-quality teams of experts and consultants required to prove both liability and damages in property damage cases. We believe in using the best experts available while remaining sensitive to the need for cost-effective litigation. To learn more about how we can assist you with your case, please contact us at (213) 236-9720.

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