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Legal Remedies For Property Owners Affected By Flood Damage

According to FEMA’s National Flood Insurance Program California fact sheet, “heavy rains through the winter and early spring are responsible for most of California’s yearly rainfall, causing cresting rivers, backed-up storm drains or saturated ground.” Flash floods, floods after wildfires and heavy rains due to storms over the Pacific Ocean are all reasons of floods from natural causes.

Flooding conditions may also come about through man-made water-related disasters, such as when water pipes burst, when a dam or levy fails or as a result of fire fighting activity.

Was The Ground Improperly Landscaped?

Besides the rising of water or flow of water that a flood consists of, environmental factors may determine whether a building will be damaged. Improperly sloped landscapes, lack of absorbent ground in overbuilt areas and excessive grading as part of new construction developments are examples of preventable circumstances that can mean a building or an area will flood.

Private homeowner’s insurance or commercial property insurance may specifically exclude coverage for flooding, unless the property owner buys flood insurance. With or without insurance, a property owner affected by flooding for any reason should discuss the losses with an experienced attorney. Peterson Law Group has helped clients recover compensation from responsible parties.

What Were The Specific Damages?

Was your property damaged during storm events in California? Our real estate litigation firm, with offices in Irvine and Los Angeles, has established a track record for the recovery of damages from both public entities and negligent private parties. Flood damage to your property may have included one or more of the following:

  • Mudslides and debris flows
  • Landslides
  • Collapse of retaining walls or other structures
  • Destruction of a building or buildings
  • Development of mold in a property surrounded by or invaded by flood waters

A review of the causes of the flooding, the damages to your property, likely liable parties and applicable laws will help direct one of our lawyers in planning a strategy to recover compensation for you, the property owner, if at all possible. You may have a viable case for inverse condemnation of your property, if a government project substantially contributed to the damage to your property.

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