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Property damage due to landslides, mudslides, debris flow or other earth movement can happen suddenly, leaving a property owner surprised and perhaps confused as to what the next step is. When a landslide occurs, it is important to move quickly to prevent further damage and protect the property owner from possible litigation. The Los Angeles property damage lawyers at Peterson Law Group understand the many challenges a property owner faces in the wake of a landslide. With years of experience handling cases involving landslide matters, our lawyers will assemble a team of experts and consultants who can analyze the causes of the landslide and suggest measures to repair the damage or prevent further damage. We are devoted to helping the property owner and team of experts coordinate and gather the information necessary to establish or defend both liability and damages, as well as develop the necessary strategy to approach each individual case.

After a landslide, a California property owner is often confused and at a loss for what to do. What are my rights? What are my obligations? Where can I turn for answers? At Peterson Law Group, our experienced landslide property damage attorneys help property owners coordinate the need for appraisals, repairs, or other mitigation measures; all while keeping an eye on the legal issues that may arise from the damage to ensure the property owner is not surprised by a lawsuit.

If a landslide is caused by public works on an adjacent property, the property owner may have a cause of action for inverse condemnation. Inverse condemnation occurs when a public project damages the value of a private property owner’s property in some way. Mismanaged or hastily assembled public projects may cause landslides or may cause other hazards, such as flooding, that may lead to landslides and debris flows. Los Angeles inverse condemnation lawyers at Peterson Law Group will assist property owners in determining whether an inverse condemnation has occurred and will hold the proper parties responsible if it has.

Substantial Courtroom Experience

When choosing a landslide property damage attorney, a property owner should always consider the attorney’s experience with landslides as well as the attorney’s courtroom experience. At Peterson Law Group, our attorneys have successfully handled a wide range of landslide cases. Some examples including:

Litigation resulting in Hillside repairs in Agoura Hills, Baldwin Hills, Yorba Linda and other Southern California hillside communities.

  • $3 million for a landslide caused by a coastal fire road for the cost of repairing a client’s Palos Verdes Estates bluff-top ocean view property.
  • Pending cases including a Laurel Canyon property suffering from a major landslide and a debris flow case involving a church campground in San Bernardino County.

Peterson Law Group property damage attorneys also have the experience needed to resolve landslide cases without requiring a jury trial. One example is a case in which several million dollars were obtained in settlement to repair multiple properties that suffered subsidence after a landslide. Click here to see additional representative cases.

Peterson Law Group offers practical experience with landslide damages reflected in courtroom verdicts and settlements. We believe each client deserves our personal attention, and so we choose our cases carefully to ensure that we are addressing each client’s needs while striving for the results each client deserves.

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