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In California, a property owner’s California property rights cover a wide range of issues relating to the use, enjoyment, and value of the property. A property owner facing a property rights case, property damage, or planning a significant change to property can rely on the skilled California property rights lawyers at Peterson Law for helpful, quality legal counsel and representation.

Property rights cases can vary greatly depending on the type of property involved, the type of right that may be violated, and the party who may be violating that property right. At Peterson Law Group, our experienced California property rights attorneys are well-versed in the nuances of California property rights law, and will assemble the highly qualified experts and consultants needed to develop a comprehensive case strategy and to establish or defend both liability and damages.

Comprehensive Legal Knowledge And Resources

California property rights include a general right of a property owner to enjoy the use of land without having that use impaired by damaging uses of neighboring properties. The constellation of property rights falls into a number of general categories, including land use laws, eminent domain, and inverse condemnation, as well as rights related to the purchase and sale of property. At Peterson Law Group, our California property rights attorneys can help property owners facing issues relating to the following:

Zoning and land use disputes. These include obtaining zoning variances and various permits for development of property. Many California developments must pass environmental inspection under the terms of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). Properties facing environmental contamination issues may require extensive remediation. Our attorneys can help property owners obtain the necessary permits and inspections to free them to develop a property.

Eminent domain. The same clauses in the U.S. and California Constitutions that permit government agencies to acquire private property by eminent domain also require the agency to provide “just compensation” to the property owner. At Peterson Law Group, our experienced Los Angeles eminent domain attorneys will hire only highly-qualified appraisers to ensure an evaluation of property is reached that fairly compensates the property owner for the property.

Inverse condemnation. Even if a government agency does not take a private property outright under eminent domain, it is still responsible for providing just compensation to a landowner if a public works project the agency undertakes damages the private property in some way. This damage may be physical, such as a landslide or flood damage, or it may be economic, as when an agency expresses an intent to acquire a property but then delays unreasonably in doing so, causing the property’s value to decrease. A Peterson Law Group California inverse condemnation attorney will ascertain the true value of the damage and prepare a comprehensive case strategy that demonstrates the extent of the lost value and the agency’s liability.

Significant Jury Trial Experience

At Peterson Law Group, our California property rights attorneys offer practical experience reflected in courtroom results. We represent property owners ranging from corporations to small businesses to individuals. Although we believe that every California property owner facing a property rights issue should be entitled to the benefit of competent legal guidance, we are admittedly selective in the cases we choose to represent. We believe our selection process enables us to choose cases in which we can offer clients the assistance they need in a harrowing situation while also striving for the results our clients deserve.

As an AV Rated law firm, we provide our clients with valuable legal knowledge and skills acquired from years of experience. John S. Peterson of the Peterson Law Group is a member of many prestigious legal organizations including the American Board of Trial Advocates (ABOTA), which works to preserve civil jury trials and seeks attorneys who exhibit skill, civility and integrity. For an assessment of your case, please get in touch with one of our attorneys at (213) 236-9720 today.

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