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Industrial Real Estate Matters

Industrial real estate can present a host of concerns, including evaluation of property, environmental contamination, land use issues relating to zoning and obtaining necessary permits, and more. Owners of industrial real estate as well as those seeking to buy such property should consider speaking with the experienced California industrial real estate lawyers at Peterson Law Group whether they are buying, selling, seeking to develop the property, or facing an eminent domain action or another type of litigation.

Real estate acquisitions are often a major undertaking for a business. When planning to buy, sell, or develop industrial real estate, the services of an attorney who understands industrial real estate and the law are invaluable. At Peterson Law Group, our real estate lawyers will examine a purchase agreement to evaluate title defects, liens, or unresolved disputes over the agreement’s terms. If the purchaser intends to develop the property, the property may require approvals under the California Environmental Quality Act ( CEQA) or other regulations. Our industrial real estate attorneys will coordinate input as appropriate to address concerns. A major issue for industrial properties in modern times is environmental contamination. The real estate lawyers of Peterson Law Group have extensive experience in working with clients who have owned, sold and purchased contaminated properties.

Reliable Legal Experience in Los Angeles

Our industrial real estate lawyers at Peterson Law Group can also help with disputes that arise from the purchase and sale of an industrial property.

Although a Los Angeles real estate lawyer can help avoid litigation during pre-acquisition diligence, some problems may require litigation to solve. The industrial real estate lawyers at Peterson Law Group have solid litigation experience and can help industrial property owners in a wide variety of property-related disputes. These include land use issues; CEQA matters, boundary disputes, valuation disputes and also eminent domain cases, in which a government agency seeks to acquire the industrial property through a condemnation action.

Our highly regarded attorneys also handle situations involving inverse condemnation. Inverse condemnation may occur when an adjacent public works project damages the privately owned industrial property, resulting in a loss of value.

At Peterson Law Group, our attorneys have extensive experience with industrial real estate matters, both in and out of the courtroom. We offer practical experience reinforced by solid and effective jury trial experience. Peterson Law Group has successfully represented property owners ranging from corporations to small business and even individuals. Please contact us at (213) 236-9720 to learn more about how we can help you with your specific situation.

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