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Complex, High-Stakes Commercial Real Estate Litigation

If eminent domain is around the corner or if your real property has been damaged by a governmental or private entity, you need legal counsel you can trust. Your business, your livelihood and your right to retain the advantages of your location are on the line. While the outcome of your case cannot be guaranteed, you will feel secure and well-informed with Peterson Law Group on your side. From law offices in Irvine and Los Angeles, the firm regularly takes on challenges involving:

Many lawyers handle real estate litigation, but we believe you will find relatively few have the degree of experience in property valuation litigation evident at Peterson Law Group. See descriptions of representative cases for examples of successes enjoyed by previous clients.

A Real Estate Litigation Attorney Who Works Closely With And Zealously For Clients

Whatever the issue at hand in a real estate dispute, close collaboration between a trial lawyer and a client is the key to the best likely outcome. Attorney John S. Peterson and other attorneys at the firm work hard to keep clients well-informed, so they will be prepared to make decisions in their own best interests throughout a case.

Results in real estate litigation vary depending on the unique aspects of each case. Favorable outcomes may include remuneration for damage, just compensation for land seized for public use and/or cancelation of a condemnation threat. A lawyer’s understanding of a client’s goal is vital, as well as a client’s understanding of limitations and opportunities.

Settlement Or Trial?

Will your real estate dispute be resolved through negotiations or will it need to go before a judge and jury? Explore possibilities and be prepared to make the right moves. Contact a real estate litigation attorney at Peterson Law Group by phone in Irvine at (949) 955-0127 or in Los Angeles at (213) 236-9720. We look forward to hearing about your concerns, evaluating the facts and recommending a course of action.

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"He is very efficient, very pragmatic and knows how to get things done. He’s a smart, innovative guy and is extremely personable and pleasant to work with. Also very responsive and dependable and has great communication skills."
- Bradley Frazier, Real Estate Attorney