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A business owner may find the prospect of commencing or defending litigation a harrowing experience in California. Litigation can arise from a number of real-estate and non-real estate related sources, including purchase agreements, arrangements for repairs or other contracts, property line disputes, land use issues that can cause damage across property lines, valuation disputes and partnership disputes. A business owner may face an eminent domain action brought by a unit of government, or may have a case for inverse condemnation due to a public project reducing the value of the business property. Business owners who face the prospect of litigation need quality legal counsel and representation from the experienced Los Angeles business litigation attorneys at Peterson Law Group PC.

Solid Legal Strategies In Los Angeles

Business litigation can take many different forms. The lawyers at Peterson Law Group will arrange for the assistance of highly-qualified experts and consultants and will develop the case strategy necessary to establish or defend both liability and damages, whether the opposing party is an individual, another business, or a public agency. Our business litigation attorneys will also help the business owner address any damage caused by other parties and engage the necessary experts to create a plan to prevent further damage from occurring.

Common business litigation situations related to a business’s real estate include:

Disputes Over Contract Terms In Los Angeles

Whether a business property owner is a party to a purchase agreement to buy or sell real estate or to a contract for repairs or development of the property, disputes between the parties to the agreement may arise. At Peterson Law Group, our experienced business litigation attorneys can help the business property owner resolve the dispute fairly. In some cases, resolution can be achieved without the time and money investment of a civil trial. If a trial is necessary, our business litigation lawyers have substantial jury trial experience and will present a clear and strong case to a judge or jury.


Garbage, noise, or environmental contamination frequently crosses property lines. When it does, the originator of the nuisance may be liable for damages to another owner’s property. The business litigation attorneys at Peterson Law Group can help businesses take steps to stop and prevent nuisances, as well as to establish liability for a nuisance or defend against an accusation of nuisance by a neighbor.

Construction Defects

When errors or shortcuts are made in a building’s construction, damage to the building may result. Damages may include a compromised building structure, fire damage caused by faulty electrical wiring. Our business litigation legal team will assemble the experts needed to discern construction defects and the damage they cause and will seek to hold negligent contractors liable for the damage.

Inverse Condemnation

When a public project adjacent to a property causes landslides, subsidence, floods, or other property damage, the property owner may have a case against the public agency responsible for the project to recover the loss in value caused by the damage. As knowledgeable business litigation attorneys, we will arrange for highly qualified appraisers, consultants, and experts to study the damage and will prepare the case strategy needed to establish an inverse condemnation case against the appropriate agency.

Recognition For Extensive Trial Experience In Los Angeles

John S. Peterson of the Peterson Law Group is a member of the American Board of Trial Advocates (ABOTA). Peterson Law Group is an AV Rated firm recognized for its many achievements of legal excellence. In providing practical business litigation experience reflected in courtroom results, Peterson Law Group offers personalized attention to assist our clients in what can be an emotionally draining experience. We work with highly qualified appraisers, yet we are sensitive to the need for cost-effective litigation.

While we believe that any business owner facing litigation should be entitled to the benefits of competent counsel, we are admittedly selective in the cases we choose to represent. We believe our selection criteria enable us to provide attention to the needs of our clients while striving to get the results that our clients deserve.

Our business litigation attorneys welcome the opportunity to discuss your situation and help you assess the merits of your case.

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