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Civil litigation refers to non-criminal matters and lawsuits that are resolved through the courts. The majority of civil cases are resolved before trial by settlement through negotiation. The cases that do not settle and go to trial require an experienced, detailed, creative and persuasive trial attorney to navigate the court procedure and achieve the best possible result. Writing and arguing to judges, as well as telling a persuasive story to a jury, is an art that is performed within the boundaries set by the rules of procedure, evidence, and ethics.

For over three decades, the Los Angeles trial attorneys at Peterson Law Group have provided major corporations, developers, family owned businesses, and individuals with the exceptional legal service they need to resolve disputes through negotiation, or by achieving successful outcomes through trial. Our experienced lawyers understand disputes can quickly escalate, jeopardizing your professional, financial, and even personal life, if not handled appropriately.

Why should you hire Peterson Law Group? Because the results we have achieved for our clients, whether by settlement or by trial, speak for themselves.

Common Issues That Arise In Civil Litigation Throughout Los Angeles

The legal process can seem overwhelming and confusing. It is important that you consider hiring an experienced trial attorney who knows how to communicate to the court on your behalf, navigate procedure, and achieve the best possible result. Common issues that arise during civil litigation include:

  • Initial pleadings and communications to the court.
  • Developing a case theory, strategy, and style.
  • Operating within the rules of Civil Procedure, Evidence, and all other applicable statutes, case law, and codes.
  • Discovery procedures (fact gathering and depositions of witnesses).
  • Motions (communication with the judge by oral and written argument).
  • Creativity and in-depth research.
  • Straight-forward explanation of different scenarios and consequences.
  • Negotiation and mediation.
  • Protecting client confidentiality.
  • Trial preparation, tactics and procedure.
  • Selecting a jury.
  • Presenting evidence to a judge and jury.
  • Explaining complex and technical matters to judges and juries.
  • How judges and juries decide.

When a potential legal issue arises, threatening your business, livelihood, finances, health or reputation, act immediately. The trial attorneys at Peterson Law Group can develop a plan of action to help resolve your dispute and achieve the best possible result.

Our Areas Of Civil Litigation Practice

While Civil Litigation includes many aspects of non-criminal cases, Peterson Law Group focuses on several specific areas of law. As a result, the trial attorneys at Peterson Law Group have developed extensive and detailed knowledge of and experience in the following practice areas:

Real Property Litigation

  • Eminent Domain (government acquisition of privately-owned real property).
  • Inverse Condemnation (acquisition of, or damage to real property without formal eminent domain proceedings).
  • Landslides, Earth Movement, Collapse, Subsidence, and Shifting.
  • Real Property damage, invasion, and interference with use and enjoyment.
  • Real Property Contamination and Remediation.
  • Land Use and subdivision.
  • Environmental litigation and CEQA.
  • Subsurface, mineral, and natural resource rights.
  • Valuation of Real Property.

Business Litigation

  • Business valuation, including goodwill.
  • Contract disputes and agreements.
  • Business relocation and reestablishment.

Litigation Against The Government

  • Eminent Domain and Inverse Condemnation.
  • Damage to or interference with Real Property.
  • Dangerous Conditions on public property.
  • Government tort liability.

If you are facing a conflict or potential lawsuit, you need the trusted guidance of a knowledgeable, experienced attorney. Our attorneys will work diligently to reach the best possible outcome for your situation, whether through mediation, negotiation, or by trial.

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With the trial attorneys from Peterson Law Group standing behind you, you will have the professional experience necessary to effectively resolve your situation. Please contact us through our website inquiry, or by calling us.

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